A monthly meetup. Every time a new topic.

Our events

WEBdeLDN is small (but very cool 😎) monthly meetup organised in London. We don’t have a fixed topic: every month we choose one subject and we invite two speakers to share their experience and their knowledge about it. You should definitely come, if you live in London or nearby.

Here are some examples of the topics of the previous events we have run: we go from Visual Regression Testing to TDD in Android, from Rust language to Swift server-side, from Design Systems to Testing in Javascript, from Accessibility and Inclusivity to Good Management and Front-End refactoring at scale, from CSS-in-JS to Public Speaking.

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Speakers & Sponsors

If you are interested in speaking at one of our meetups, but you want to check what (and how) we're doing for our attendees, or if you want to sponsor us but you want to know a little bit more about us before taking a decision, we have two special slide decks for you:

Our community

Our attendees form a diverse, inclusive web community of professionals
 –designers, developers, engineers, students, consultants, leads– 
with different levels of experience
 united by the same passion, interests, desire to learn, by the same idea that we can learn one from each other sharing ideas, experiences and stories.

In order to make our meetup a welcoming, open, safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, we have a Code of Conduct. It can be summarised in “be excellent with each other” and it can be read in its entirety here.

What people say

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About us

Hi 👋
we’re Cristiano Rastelli, Eli Schütze Ramírez, Alessandro ‘Cirpo’ Cinelli and Michele Bertoli. We’re the organiser of this meetup and we are friendly people, moved by a common spirit of curiosity and passion. If you want to tell us something, suggest any improvement to our events or propose new ideas, we are all ears: hello@webdeldn.rocks.